The intelligent power switch for sustainable businesses and energy efficient homes.

We design and manufacture smart switches to automatically control power to built-in appliances such as heated towel rails, lights and fans - saving money, energy and time.

What makes our solution unique is that the technology is entirely hardware based. There's no need for apps on your phone, or IoT smart home devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. Once installed you simply click a button on the device itself.

Thirty two million dollars ($32M) saved.

That’s a lot of money, and that’s how much we reckon our customers have saved by fitting an IntelliSwitch timer to a towel rail since we released the Cord Timer Switch in 2007.

Every month we continue to save these customers an additional $460,000! So come on, join the IntelliSwitch movement and take the money from your power retailer and put it back in your pocket.