Support / FAQs

Technical Instructions

For safety reasons, we recommend installation by a registered electrician.

Each IntelliSwitch is rated at 10 amps and has dry contacts (phase is not hard wired to the relay) so can be used to switch anything from switch contacts through 5V equipment and up to 240VAC loads. Larger loads (over 10A resistive or 4A inductive) require an isolating relay available from your electrical wholesaler. The IntelliSwitch® relay is a change over type therefore offering more options for installers.

The onboard switch mode power supply requires un-interrupted mains power for the unit to work. If there are only 2 wires inside the flush box of the light switch the IntelliSwitch® will not work in that location.

The IntelliSwitch has completed the rigorous safety and performance tests as specified by the Australian and NZ Standard AS/NZS3100 by an independent Auckland laboratory.

Installation Instructions

IntelliSwitch installation and user instructions for towel rail products (IS-FW and IS-SSA) with 3, 5x1,4x8,6x2,0n timings on them on them.

IntelliSwitch installation Instructions MK5-FW (PDF 132KB)

IntelliSwitch installation and user instructions for in-wall unit / Heated towel rail timer (PDF 140KB)

IntelliSwitch installation and user instructions for products with an "IntelliSwitch" logo and 15, 30, 60, 90, 180 timings on them (PDF 774KB)

IntelliSwitch installation and user instructions for earlier switches without a logo on them (PDF 55KB)


Is it easy to use?

Yes. The switch has a number of different modes, ranging from always on, to different timed modes. Normally the user chooses what time default they will be most commonly using and sets this in the beginning, (following the instructions provided) and then sticks to it. You then use the switch as you would a normal switch, push button for on, (and after a minimum "thinking" period for the switch of 3 seconds) you may push it again at any time to turn off. After a few days, most people say they forget they have an IntelliSwitch, except that they know if they forget to turn the switch off, they know it will do so by itself.

How do I programme it?

All programming is done via the button on the front keypad of the switch. This allows you to change the default programme time at any time. You don't need an electrician to change the settings. It's a bit like morse code, you hold the button down for various lengths of time to access the different programme settings. See the instruction sheet for exact details on programming each mode.

I want to use the auto towel rail cycle. When should I set it?

It is best to work out when you want the towel rail turning on, so that it coincides with shower times. For example, you might like it to switch on 1 hr prior to normal shower time, so your towel is warm, and this leaves 3 hours approx for drying time. You will need to set the programme on the first day at the time you want it to start from. For example if you want to shower at 8am and want the towel rail to come on at 7.00am to warm the towel, set it at 7.00am on the first day. It will then turn on each day from 7-11 in the morning and 7-11 at night.

Can I override the default timer and have it work like a normal switch if I want to?

Yes. When you push the button to turn it on, simply hold your finger on the button for about 4 secs until all the LEDs are lit on the keypad. The switch now stays on indefinitely, until you push it, to turn it off. The next time you use it, it will return to the default setting.

What's the payback time?

That depends on the power consumption of the appliances connected to the IntelliSwitch, but for example if you normally leave your heated towel rail on continuously then controlling it through an IntelliSwitch® will save you approx. $100/year so it will pay for itself in under a year and then save you $100/year thereafter.

Can I just replace my existing switches?

The IntelliSwitch is designed to fit all flush boxes, and can replace existing switches so long as they have both wires (phase and neutral) in the flush box behind the existing switch. It has a flat wall profile once installed.

Is it easy to install for the home owner?

Any electrical work on your house is dangerous and potentally deadly, which is why we recommend you use a registered electrician. It takes about 10-15 minutes to install.

What happens in a power cut?

Once power resumes the unit will turn on again and will continue with the default programme. If you are using the 4 hours on, 8 hours off cycle, you may need to reprogramme the start time the following day to work in with shower times once again.

Does it warn me before it turns off?

Yes the LED on the switch starts flashing slowly with one minute to go and flashes faster in the last 10 seconds. On the light switch models (IS-SS and IS-DS) the lights dip for half a second with one minute to go.

Does it work on 2 way light switches i.e. 2 switches controlling one light?


What's the warranty period?

5 years.

Where is it made?

In Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand