Find the IntelliSwitch for you

The IntelliSwitch looks great on your wall and functions just like a normal on-off switch, but most people choose an IntelliSwitch because they want the extra intelligence it offers.


The IntelliSwitch is ideal for those who want to put a stop to lights and heaters being forgotten about, or want to reduce the energy consumption of their homes or workplaces.

Time settings range from 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes, and count down after you turn them on.

There is also a continuous 4hr on / 8hr off cycle, for those who want warm towels, but not the 24hr power bill, or for controlling lights if you are away from home.

The possibilities for IntelliSwitch are endless! Here are some examples of how they are currently being used:

  • Bedroom light switch for kids who forget to turn lights off or for timed reading at night (e.g. 15 min). Switches also have built in LEDs which help kids find the switch in the dark.
  • Heated towel rail cycle (3 to choose from).
  • Outdoor light switch so it doesn't stay on all night or depend on movement.
  • Controlling game play time.
  • Heated towel rail cost savings. Hang your towel, then press the button to run it for 3 hours and it then turn off. Press it again before your next shower and your towel is warmed by the time you get out.
  • Safety when people may forget to turn appliances off e.g. workplace kitchens, hospitals and rest homes.
  • Switches frequently left on. With IntelliSwitch you can ensure switches are neve0r on for longer than required.